My Games

1984    Chilly Willy for Microbee
I made this after playing Pengo in the arcades. I sent if off to Honeysoft, a local publisher, who agreed to publish it on cassette tape for the Microbee computer. It was sold in Australia and Sweden.

1985    Halloween Harry
I followed up Chilly Willy with Halloween Harry, inspired by Ghostbusters but with an original game design. Also published by Honeysoft but this time on computer disk!

1993    Halloween Harry / Alien Carnage
Harry returned in 1993 on the PC. This was published by Apogee around the world and did pretty well!


1994    Flight of the Amazon Queen
Inspired by LucasFilm games this actually began production around the same time as Halloween Harry but was a huge undertaking. It’s now available on iOS and will be out on Android in 2015 for the 20th Anniversary!

Click here to download the iOS version!

fotaq scr3

1996    Zombie Wars
Our follow up to Halloween Harry, I think this is the superior game. Introduced Diane as a playable character as well as new characters Beagle, Doc M.F. and Squiggly.


1999    Mike Stewart’s Pro Bodyboarding

2000    Halloween Spirit Board
I love unusual stuff and A.I. in the vein of Eliza. This was an interactive Ouija board in 3D.


2000    The Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk
Another unusual/ambitious interactive toy. Kind of like Animal Crossing mixed with The Sims but before either of those games existed.


2000    Championship Surfer

2001    Barbie Beach Vacation

2001    Extremely Goofy Skateboarding

2001    Boom Time

2002    Barbie’s Sparkling Ice Show

2002    TY the Tasmanian Tiger
This game is so Aussie that it offended some local reviewers because it seemed like a cliche. Thing is that most of the dialogue and characters were based on real people I knew!


2003    Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion

2004    King Arthur

2004    TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue
Follow up to Ty. Like all games from this year, it was heavily pushed toward taking on the GTA open world model by our publisher...


2005    TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

2005    Word Shake!
My first casual game made for PC using the PopCap framework!


2006    Destroy All Humans! 2
A great game to work on and a follow up to the fun original!


2007    Brainiversity
I like brain training games. This was my PC answer to Nintendo’s brain training series.

brain screen 07

2009    Brainiversity 2
Yep. I like brain training.


2009    Hospital Town on Facebook
My first Facebook game. We were the first on Facebook to introduce a quest syetem into our games!


2010    Virtual Villagers on Facebook
This had so much potential but was sadly cancelled before it could fulfil that potential.


2008    Brainiversity on Facebook
Wow, another brain training game.


2010    Galactic Trader on Facebook
While most Facebook games were super casual we decided to make something a little more hard core.


2011    Galactic Allies on Facebook
The success of Galactic Trader led to Galactic Allies!


2012    Brainiversity on Mac App Store

2012    Save Our Village on iOS
My first iPhone game. Very proud of this one.

Click here to download the iOS version!

iPhone5 03Village

2012    Silly Snaps on iOS
I made this with my daughter. Its a family friendly photo captioning app.

Click here to download the iOS version!

Silly Snaps (iOS) - 03

2012    Cheeky Caps on iOS
My foray into making a 
not-so-tamily-friendly photo captioning app. I pulled it down 

2013    Save Our Village on Android
My only game release of 2013.

2014    Beetastic on iOS and Android
Very proud of this game that I made with my kids. Got featured on the App Store and the Google Play Store!

Click here to download the iOS version!

Beetastic iPhone4 Scr2

2014    Brainiversity on iOS
I spent too long making this game and made it too much like the PC/Mac versions. Have decided to do future brain training games specifically for iOS and take advantage of all that platform offers - see the next two games!

Click here to download the iOS version!

Brainiversity iPhone 3.5inch Scr1

2015    Snappy Word on Apple Watch, iOS
My first Watch App game that was available with the Apple Watch launch! Made for Right Pedal Studios. Super happy with how 
this turned out.

Click here to download the game!


2015    Smart Attack on Apple Watch, iOS
Another brain training game! Made before Snappy Word but released after it.

SmartAttack Watch

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